Father, Son Make 50 States of Food

Former art director Chris Durso doesn't merely put food on his family's table. As befitting his experience as founder of kitschy food culture site Foodiggity, Durso plates up edible masterpieces, especially in the eyes of his 9-year-old son, Cameron.

The idea was actually all Cameron's: To shape various foods to look like the 50 United States. Writes Durso, when the project started last July:

"It began innocently enough with, 'Dad… What if you made states, but like, they were made of food, like?' My response was something along the lines of, 'That’s been done to death already, son… Go to bed.' Then, the heir to the Foodiggity empire added, 'But what if they like had funny names like New Pork or New Jerky, like?' Now, we were on to something."

The results—all beautifully photographed by Durso—are now an adorable Instagram series dubbed "The Foodnited States of America." And man, is it a pun-lover's dream.

Take for instance, the Idaho entry made of pie, which is titled "Piedaho." Swiss cheese shaped like Wisconsin is "Swissconsin." Iowa made of watermelon? "Iowatermelon." You get the picture.

The series is still going strong—and guess what—you can get in on the action. Just post your food state puns to this photo set on Foodiggity's Facebook page. It might just show up in the next installment of "The Foodnited States of America."