Alix Earle Is Totally Unrecognizable in Her Fabulously Detailed White Witch Costume

Alix Earle.<p>Pierre Suu/Getty Images</p>
Alix Earle.

Pierre Suu/Getty Images

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We have all grown to expect and love Heidi Klum’s fantastical Halloween antics. Year after year, her costumes never fail to disappoint. On the contrary, her outfits are carefully planned and extremely well-crafted, every detail tediously attended to. Like her costume, her yearly Halloween party is likewise epic. In addition to being the moment when the supermodel reveals her costume for the year, it also gives countless other celebrities the chance to take their looks to the next level.

Social media influencer Alix Earle was one of the many who accepted the challenge and rose to the occasion at this year’s bash. The 22-year-old stepped out on the festive orange carpet at the Oct. 31 party in a costume nearly identical to that of Jadis the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia series.

Wearing a long white gown with sparkly ice-inspired detailing throughout, a white cape and a icicle crown, exactly like Tilda Swinton’s in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, Earle looked almost unrecognizable. Her fantastically done makeup—which paled both her eyebrows and face—and her teased blonde curls expertly rounded out the look.

Alix Earle attended Heidi Klum’s Halloween party as Jadis the White Witch.<p>Taylor Hill/Getty Images</p>
Alix Earle attended Heidi Klum’s Halloween party as Jadis the White Witch.

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Earle’s outfit for Klum’s event was just one in a series of fabulous looks from her 2023 “Halloweekend.” Only days before, she donned a wig and a baby pink bodysuit and stepped out as Madonna.

Though we’re pretty sure Klum’s annual look will never be topped, Earle is certainly making a run for the best costume title.

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