‘Alice in Borderland’ Will Return for More Deadly Games in Season 3

alice in borderland season 2
‘Alice in Borderland’ Season 3 Is ConfirmedNetflix

One of Netflix's popular international dramas is potentially coming back. After what appeared to be a definitive Season 2 finale, Alice in Borderland may be returning for Season 3. The Japanese show, based on a manga, follows a guy and his friends who become trapped in a strange universe where they have to play dangerous games to survive. Each game is represented by a playing card, which delineates the type of game and its difficulty. As players become familiar with the world and begin to acquire more cards, the mysterious origins of their universe becomes clear.

In Season 2, we saw Arisu and the rest of the main characters make their way through the various games, determined to figure out the mystery around who runs the games, and how they can all escape the world. In the penultimate episode, we then saw the King of Spades seriously injure Kuina, Ann, and others as Aguni and Arisu defeated him. In the season finale, Arisu and Usagi finally met the Queen of Hearts.

In a major season finale, the pair meet the Queen of Hearts, Mira, who begins to play mental games with the two of them, trying to make it impossible to finish her game, which is simply to finish a game of croquet. Eventually, the two manage to complete the task and the real meaning of the world is revealed. It turns out the entire game world is a sort of purgatory, and in completing the game, the players have an opportunity to escape. If they want, however, they can stay and become hosts of one of the various ongoing games within the world (and if they lose those games, they die for real).

It's hard to imagine what the third season of the show could look like, but thankfully the manga gives us some clues. Here's what we know about Season 3 of Alice in Borderland.

Will there be a Season 3 of Alice in Borderland?

Yes! What's on Netflix reported recently that posters showed up around Japan with Netflix's logo and playing cards. Eagle-eyed social media users pointed out when you dissect the posters, it's possible the cards spell out the words "alice three".

And on September 27, Variety confirmed Netflix made an official announcement for Alice in Borderland Season 3, and even gave info about if any characters would be returning.

When will Season 3 of Alice in Borderland come out?

Season 1 dropped in 2020, and Season 2 dropped in 2022. As Netflix just gave the official green light in late 2023, we may not see Season 3 until 2024.

What could Season 3 of Alice in Borderland be about?

Well, as we explained in the intro, every main character actually escaped the game world (sorry, spoilers). They all awoke and while many of them forgot what occurred, viewers are shown that the game world was actually a sort of purgatory, as each character was on the brink of death due to a catastrophic meteor strike and all existed on the "border" between life and death. Arisu and Usagi, despite the memory lapse, still manage to become close after waking up in the hospital, and go on a walk together. The final shot of Season 2 is a table with playing cards, and the Joker card, the only one not played in the games, is in full view.

While the characters have escaped to the real world, it's possible Season 3 could introduce a whole new cast who have to endure a similar journey, or there's more of a story to tell with the original characters. While the original manga follows the characters through their initial introduction to the Borderlands and their escape, there are two spin-off mangas that then follow the characters as they return to the world for various reasons. Of course, they hold no memory of their previous journeys, so in theory they have to start fresh each time.

Who will be in Season 3 of Alice in Borderland?

According to Variety article, the actors who play the series two main protagonists Usagi and Arisu will return. As we don't know much about what their return will look like, it's unclear if a new cast will join them or if any characters from previous seasons will also make a return. We'll have to wait until we're closer to the Season 3 premiere for that info.

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