Alex Caruso on Whataburger, The NBA Bubble, and Social Justice Jerseys.

Alex Caruso sits down with Josiah Johnson to discuss his take on the Whataburger vs In-N-Out debate and what his experience has been so far in the NBA Bubble. He also discusses his decision to opt into wearing "Black Lives Matter" on the back of his jersey.

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Video Transcript

JOSIAH JOHNSON: What's going on, Dunk Bait? I'm here with the living legend, Lakers guard, the man known as "The Caruso." Alex Caruso, what's going on, man?

ALEX CARUSO: Not much, not much. Appreciate you having me, man.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: You guys got some tragic news in Laker land. Rajon Rondo expressed in the mix, six to eight weeks with a broken thumb. Avery Bradley had already opted out before the team had left. So that's going to mean that it's a big opportunity for yourself. So how are you preparing mentally or physically to be playing more minutes and helping shoulder more of the load in the Lakers rotation?

ALEX CARUSO: Yeah, you know, a tough break one, not having a view with this, completely understand, though. And I support his decision 100%. You know, family is forever. That's something that he needs to make sure is 100% straight.

And then, obviously, the Rondo news is unfortunate. Just a freak accident, get his hand caught in something, caught on the ball. I can't remember what the play was. But we're going to miss, you know, his experience.

People like to joke about "Playoff Rondo," but I think that's a real thing, you know? He's one of the most competitive people I've ever been around if not the most competitive. So I was looking forward to getting out there, and getting in the trenches, and going to war with him. Obviously, we hate to lose Rondo. But I think that-- I think that we'll be able to move forward and still be-- still be a real dominant team.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: So LeBron and AD both announced that they won't be wearing any of the league's pre-approved social messages on the back of their jerseys. Have you given any thought to it? Are you going to wear your name? Are you going to wear a message? What are you thinking right now?

ALEX CARUSO: Yeah, I decided to put "Black Lives Matter" on the back of the jersey. I thought that was--


ALEX CARUSO: You know, as a white player in the NBA, I feel like showing the support and then voicing that as-- as a figure that a lot of white kids growing up around the country idolize or are fans of, whatever you want to call it, I think it's important for me to show that that's the right thing and that the message is equality, and the message is-- is justice, you know? It's making sure that their voices are heard and that everybody treats everybody how they should be treated.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: Ah man, we definitely appreciate-- appreciate you in the black community. And we're not really giving out invites to the cookout, but once those invites start coming back in, you know you got one.

ALEX CARUSO: Yeah, just bring me to-go plates. I know the food is going to be fire.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: You've caught a few bodies in your career. So are you looking forward to dunking on anybody in the bubble? Is there anybody in particular you're keying in on that you just want to, you know, dunk all over their life?

ALEX CARUSO: You know, I don't know if there's one person in general. I was-- I'm still friends and was teammates with Zubac. Obviously, he plays for the other team in LA now. But I've always joked with him about putting it on-- on top of him.

So just we'll see what happens. That's-- that's somebody-- that's probably-- and it would just be-- it would just be a fun joke between us two for the rest of our careers. But nah, man, usually-- usually when that dunks happen, they just kind of happen. And whoever is there or not there, you know, you just kind of go with it.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: If you're staying at the Gran Destino with the Clippers, the Bucks, a bunch of other squads. Is there any bit-- any cross mingling? Like you guys seeing the Clippers in the hallways, or any beef, or you got-- everybody keeping it cool? Or are there any issues arising?

ALEX CARUSO: No, man. Outside of the court, it's pretty casual, you know? You say what's up. If you have a prior relationship with somebody, you might chat for a minute or two or catch up. But nah, man, nothing-- nothing negative yet.

You know, we'll get on the court. And then I'm sure once playoffs and games start, there won't be a lot of chatter in passing each other in the hallways to the mail room to the practice courts. But no, it's been pretty casual.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: So you're born and raised in Texas. I don't know if you saw there was a video recently with the people that were trashing In-N-Out Burger. So I just want to know, where do you stand with In-N-Out Burger? Do you think it's fire? Is it trash?

ALEX CARUSO: Whataburger all the way. I don't want to discredit In-N-Out because I think In-N-Out is decent a times. Like there's-- I have a mood for In-N-Out Burger every now and then. And obviously, I wish I could satisfy the craving every time I had it. But when I've had it, it's been decent.

But the Whataburger, man, that's 24 hours. They got the breakfast menu. They got the all-time favorites. They-- they do it right, man. And, you know, it might be biased being from Texas, but I'm riding to the grave. with Whataburger.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: There's been some heavy debates and heavy speculation across NBA Twitter. So I had to ask you, can you hear Jimmy?

ALEX CARUSO: Nah, bro, I don't-- I don't hear anything, man.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: So you couldn't hear Jimmy?


JOSIAH JOHNSON: Oh, wow, Chris, I thought honestly-- I'm surprised you said it because I thought you could definitely hear Jimmy. But I appreciate you being honest and transparent with us.

ALEX CARUSO: I try my best, man.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: I see your repping Tonal, so I got to ask you, you know, what can somebody like myself who is a little bit out of shape, a little bit more to love, but trying to get a sexy back, how can I benefit from using the product?

ALEX CARUSO: You know, the great thing about Tonal is that it's-- it's user friendly. They have different-- different structured workouts, whether you're trying to burn fat, gain muscle, do cardio. It's all-- it's all in the system.

JOSIAH JOHNSON: All right, man, I appreciate you for taking the time on join us on Yahoo Sports and Dunk Bait, man. Best of luck to you out there. And I'm hoping that the Lakers do well out there, man.

ALEX CARUSO: Of course, man. Appreciate you. You have a good one.


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