Alejandro Sanz Ordered to Pay Over $3.2 Million to United States Government

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Alejandro Sanz is left with a bit of a corazón partío after the Spanish government upheld a United States court decision.

Per the Spanish publication El Mundo, Sanz was ordered by a Spanish court to pay over $3.2 million to clear out an outstanding bank loan debt he owes to TotalBank in Florida.

The bank loans the singer took out were to cover the acquisition of two properties he has in the U.S.

Two years prior, a Miami court had required the Spanish singer to pay the bank loans used to cover the cost of his two Miami properties, valued at $7 million each.

Getty Images / SOPA Images

But now, Spanish authorities are holding up the court decision passed in the U.S.

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there for Sanz.

It is reported that the government seized some of the properties that Sanz could have used as collateral to help him repay the loan.

These properties include a company he established in the U.S. and a ranch in Miami.

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It is said that Sanz's financial problems began when he defaulted on the loans, which kick-started the foreclosure process and the sale of the properties.

Per reports, his legal team had requested the properties be sold at a higher price of $14 million but lacked the proper documents to support this claim.

As both parties could not agree, the issues persisted, and in 2020, his debt topped off at $11.9 million, which he paid only $9.4 million, thus leaving him to pay the outstanding $3.2 million.