Alec Baldwin Shows 'Love' for Daughter Ireland's Breastfeeding Photo

Alec Baldwin is showing that he's a supportive dad!

The actor's adult daughter, Ireland Baldwin, recently became a first-time mom, and one of the choices she has shared with her followers is her decision to breastfeed her baby girl, Holland.

On Monday, Sept. 18, the 27-year-old took to Instagram with a slew of images from life lately, inclusive of an intimate capture of herself sitting in bed while nursing the four-month-old babe, whom she shares with musician RAC.

In the sweet picture, the newly-minted mama lovingly gazed down at her infant with a subtle smile as she breastfed. Other photos depict just the baby, whose face is covered by a heart emoticon, sprawled out (truly living the life).

"Love you," the Rust star dropped in the comment section in support of the sweet snaps.

Additionally, more footage includes several pet dogs, as the mom-of-one has made clear her passion for pups and adoption work, previously saying, "I work with a lot of fosters and a lot of rescuers," per E! News.

In the comment section, fans and followers also applauded her official entrance into motherhood.

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"Look how well you’re doing with the breastfeeding! Be proud of yourself it’s hard and truly worth it 🙌," one said, while another said, "That first photo is perfection!"

Another related to the content, comically adding, "The mom breastfeeding hunch 😂Nice to know I’m not alone 👏."

The Grudge Match actress initially announced her pregnancy in Dec. 2022, later welcoming the baby girl on May 18, 2023.

Alec shares Ireland with ex-wife, Kim Basinger. He is also father to seven other young children with wife, HilariaIlaria Catalina Irena, 11 months, María Lucía Victoria, 2, Eduardo 'Edu' Pao Lucas, 3, Romeo Alejandro David, 5, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 7, Rafael Thomas, 8, and Carmen Gabriela, 10.

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