Aldi's Spotify Wrapped Copycat Gives Shoppers What They Really Want

Stocked shelves in Aldi store
Stocked shelves in Aldi store - defotoberg/Shutterstock

The end of the year is a time for many to look back and remember. We take pride in our accomplishments, relive happy memories, and also recall how much we shopped. This December, Aldi customers were treated to an "Aldi Wrapped," showcasing the grocery chain's 2023 retail highlights. Its Instagram post is a spin-off of Spotify's beloved end-of-the-year "Spotify Wrapped," which summarizes users' listening habits, but as Aldi puts it: "Music, this. Podcast, that. Your shopping stats matter most."

Last year, Aldi posted a 2022 Aldi Wrapped, in which it claimed the fan favorite of the year was Atlantic salmon and the top genre was "Charcuterie." This year, it highlighted some new stats that will likely resonate with its most loyal customers. For example, Aldi Wrapped listed the quarter as the most frequently used coin, calling it "#1 in your heart and your quarter keeper." Of course, Aldi shoppers know the store requires a quarter deposit for the use of a shopping cart, returning the coin upon the return of the cart. This way, Aldi doesn't have to hire more staff to collect carts. If you didn't know, the "quarter keeper" refers to the adorable quarter holders that Aldi shoppers love.

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Aldi Gear Was Especially Popular In 2023

Shopper holding Aldi Gear shirt
Shopper holding Aldi Gear shirt - ohheyaldi / Instagram

Aldi also recognized that Aldi Gear -- its clothing line -- was a big hit this year. Specifically, a special shoutout went to the belt bag and pajama set on the "Best Gear List" section of its Wrapped round-up. Earlier in 2023, customers learned they could officially wear Aldi gear again, thanks to increased demand after the success of Aldi's first line in 2022. Aldi dropped a spring line this March and, with everything less than $10, it sold out quickly. The chain also dropped a new line in the fall that featured warmer items like sweatshirts and beanies. Now, it is currently selling a winter line of cozy onesies and holiday sweaters.

Commenters on the Aldi Wrapped post are also very enthusiastic about Aldi Gear. One person laments, "I wish I got the hoodie!" Another asks, "Any chance the tennis shoes are coming back?!" Suffice to say, it looks like Aldi Gear won't be going away any time soon, based on these customer reactions. Part of Aldi's appeal has always been its lower prices -- and the same goes for Aldi Gear. In fact, to conclude 2023's Aldi Wrapped, the chain proudly gifted one particular title, "The Saver," to its fans.

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