Aldi's Highly Anticipated Seasonal Treat Is Finally Back—But Not For Long


We’ve officially reached peak chocolate season and if you needed anyway to validate that, the proof is clear because everything seems to be coated in it. From giant chocolate coins to chocolate lava cake, there’s nothing that excludes the sweet stuff and we’re not complaining in the slightest.

Whether you’re a chocolate lover or not, the holidays tend to bring out our more indulgent side and nothing is fits the bill better than a rich decadent chocolate bar. The appeal of the cocoa-based confection lies in its sheer versatility and there are few combinations we won’t turn down trying. Some are classics like mint chocolate, while others are a little experimental. But it's the latter that always seems to get our attention.

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It may not be the Hershey’s chocolate factory, but Aldi’s chocolate aisle comes pretty close. Fans of the retailer’s chocolate sing its praises and with the variety of options available, we can easily see why. There’s a chocolatey confection for everyone and the latest seasonal addition has fans stocking up.

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Choceur, Aldi’s private label chocolate brand recently brought back the Spiced Cookie Pieces White Chocolate Bar and if you’re interested in trying it for yourself, you might want to go ahead and head to your local store now. A photo of the famed bar was posted to the dedicated Aldi Reddit thread and the response from fans was a resounding, “So good.”

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If you’re looking for an excuse to stock your freezer with the festive treat, look no further than the comments section for your stamp of approval. “These are amazing I stocked up last year and finished them all by May 😅😅,” admitted one person. “I’ve got a pack of those in the fridge, but I told myself that I had to finish my open peanut butter cups first. Can’t waaaiittt!” said another.

Like most things to grace the shelves at Aldi, this stocking stuffer is sure to be gone before Christmas even arrives. So hurry up before it's gone for good.

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