Aldi's $22 Version Of The Bestselling Bogg Bag Is Selling Out So Fast


Now that Memorial Day weekend has passed, it’s officially summer in our book! Whether your summer looks like beach days, boat days, or baseball tournament weekends, you may have been eyeing the Bogg Bag. This durable and waterproof tote bag can fit everything you need for your perfect summer day, and it comes in a ton of cute colors. The only problem? It costs $90! Fortunately, Aldi just stocked the perfect dupe for a fraction of the price. Keep reading for more details.

Bogg Bag Dupe At Aldi

Aside from coming in over 50 different colors and patterns, the Bogg Bag is popular for a number of reasons. It's made of thick, rubber-like material that makes cleaning up any spills super easy—but you shouldn't have to because the bag is also tip-proof! It's sturdy yet flexible, and easy to throw things into and sling over your shoulder if you're in a rush. If only it wasn't $90!

Aldi's version, called the Haul It All Tote, is made of a similar rubber material and you can fit just as much in it. It's also washable and durable just like the original, and while there may not be over 50 colors and patterns available, there's a good variety of fun summer colors—you won't be disappointed. Especially when you hear the price! At only $22, you can even justify buying it in 2 different colors!







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Customers Go Crazy For The Bogg Bag Dupe At Aldi

These Bogg Bag dupes have been taking the Aldi community by storm, and many superfans have taken to social media to share their reviews of the dupe, while others have reported that their store has already sold out! "I went to two stores and all were sold out!" one person shared in an Instagram comment.

"You need one of these!" one happy customer wrote. "Get one! We us ours all the time."

"Yessss!" another person agreed. "Bogg Bags are entirely too expensive so if these fit the big accessories it's gonna be a game changer!"

"Awesome summer dupe!" posted a fourth person. "Hope I can score one!"

"I'm going feral over this right now," added another customer.

"Please do a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th release!" one unlucky customer begged. "They were gone by 11am or so in both locations in my city!" The bottom line? Get to your local Aldi quick!