Aldi's $16 Version of the Coveted Le Creuset Oval Roaster Has Shoppers Filling Their Carts Fast

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As a recent Aldi convert, I can confidently say: Aldi is the moment. The German-based supermarket chain has quickly become our go-to shopping destination for incredible savings on all of our favorite pantry staples and then some.

Whether it’s a limited-edition Aldi find or a fan-favorite mainstay, the grocer has continued to make a name for itself as a premier retailer. While most of the hype surrounds the undeniably crave-worthy food items, the chain’s ever-growing list of dupes deserves just as much fanfare. And the latest replica to emerge from the grocer is one cast in iron and coated in enamel.

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Iconic cookware brand Le Creuset has set the bar when it comes to crafting gorgeous enameled cast iron dishes, but with more and more consumers watching their budgets, the price point can be a bit of a stretch. Fulfilling its promise to deliver best-in-class quality at discount prices, Aldi is taking a page right out of the acclaimed cookhouse’s book.

The Crofton Cast Iron Oval Roaster recently made its debut and if you look quickly enough, you might mistake the roasting dish for the Le Creuset Signature Oval Baker. But looks aside, there are a few slight distinctions between the two dishes.

Crofton Cast Iron Oval Roaster<p>Aldi</p>
Crofton Cast Iron Oval Roaster


Perhaps the most apparent difference between the two cooking vessels is the price. Le Creuset’s dish is available in two sizes and comes with a price tag of anywhere between $90 to $210. In stark contrast, Aldi’s version comes in just one size and is priced at $16.99. If you’re following along, that’s a massive 91 percent discount!

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Another difference worth mentioning is the variety of colorways available for purchase. The Crofton option comes in blue or white, while Le Creuset offers cerise, flame, oyster, white and licorice as color options. While both iterations are oven and cooktop-safe, Aldi's version can only withstand temperatures up to 482°F. Le Creuset's, however, is up to 500°F.

If you’re worried about damaging your coveted cookware, both options come with a warranty, so you’re free to try Ina’s baked pasta recipe several times over. The Crofton roaster comes with a two year warranty while Le Creuset offers its signature lifetime warranty with its baking dish.

With the amount of money you can save on pots and pans at Aldi, there’s no excuse not to grab yours before they sell out. And trust us, they will.

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