Aldi Sells Peanut Butter Cups That People Swear Are Better Than Reese’s

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/aldi.mademedoit
Photo credit: Instagram/aldi.mademedoit

From Delish

Shopping at Aldi is hit or miss for some people because they can't quite get on board with buying the grocery store's version of name-brand items. Well, attention all skeptics: Aldi sells peanut butter cups that customers swear are better than Reese's.

I know this might sound crazy, but people seriously can't get enough of the $2.99 bags on milk chocolate peanut butter cups they get at Aldi. From the photo, these peanut butter cups aren't the same size or shape as a typical Reese's. They're a bit smaller—yet taller!—than a Reese's, which means they're packed with peanut butter.

What sets these cups apart from any other is the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. Aldi devotees seem to love the peanut butter fillingmore than a Reese's cup, calling it creamier and more delicious. "As someone who is usually a diehard Reese lover, these beat out Reese tenfold! The peanut butter is 10/10." I'd also argue that being able to buy these in such a big bag is a win, making them an easy option for snacking.

Still, let's not dismiss the beauty that is the Reese's and all its variations. The brand just released peanut butter lover and chocolate lover cups, not to mention they offer white chocolate and Reese's Thins. If Aldi's are as good as everyone claims, hopefully they'll add more variety to the bunch so we can really put them to the test!

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