Aldi Is Selling a Stylish 3-Piece Baking Set for $10, But You Better Hurry Up Before It Sells Out


Aldi has been gearing up for the holidays this year in a very big way. We’re all familiar with the weekly Aldi Finds list which contains a slew of can’t-miss items worth stocking up on, and we would be remiss not to mention the German-owned grocery chain's ability to release incredible seasonal creations as well. But now that the holidays are impatiently waiting right around the corner, it's the perfect time for Aldi to release their official holiday list.

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While most may think that the main star of the show is Crofton's Awesome Pot, there's actually another item on the list that's really catching everyone's eye: a 3-piece baking sheet set for just $10. That's right, Aldi’s official holiday list is now making its rounds online, and those who are in need of an upgrade to some of their go-to kitchenware, the popular German grocery chain has got you covered.

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The Crofton 3-Piece Cookie Sheet Set is the perfect place to start when looking for kitchenware that will last through years of use. Featuring a nonstick coating and both a smooth and ridged sheet bottom design, these black and cream-colored cookie sheets are heat resistant up to 450°F and even come with a limited 2 year warranty. You’ll want to be careful when cleaning, however, as the sheets are not dishwasher safe, so you’ll need to use your trusty hands for that process.

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The deals featured in Aldi’s holiday list obviously do not stop there. Those intrigued by the 3-Piece Cookie Sheet Set can also take advantage of Crofton’s Mega Cookie Sheet with Cooling Rack, which is on sale for just $12.99, as well as the Crofton 3-Piece Cooling Rack Set for $8.99.

All of your baking dreams can come to fruition this holiday season while still leaving money in your pocket to grab gifts for the family. Make sure to act fast though, because we all know the best items on this list are not likely to sit around forever. So, you'll want to take advantage before all of the last-minute shoppers get clued into the deals. Happy Holidays!

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