Aldi’s Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Makes The Perfect At-Home Appetizer

Alexis Morillo
·2 mins read
Photo credit: Instagram/aldi.mademedoit
Photo credit: Instagram/aldi.mademedoit

From Delish

There's something so fancy about making appetizers at home. It makes any meal feel like a five-star restaurant, and with Aldi's bacon-wrapped shrimp, upping the classiness of an at-home dinner just got way easier.

Everything is better with bacon, and these shrimp appetizers are no exception. @Aldi.mademedoit found the app in two varieties in the frozen food section of her local store. There is a plain bacon-wrapped shrimp box and a jalapeño cream cheese-stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon. One is a simple classic, while the other adds additional texture and spice.

Both boxes were seen next to the other frozen shrimp products at Aldi. The photos on each box look so good, and even @Aldi.mademedoit admitted that she was intrigued by the app just by looking at it. "I don’t like shrimp 🤣 Well only in my sushi and even that is iffy. Tell me why this looked so good so I bought the jalapeño cream cheese ones," she said.

It's unclear how exactly these should be prepared, but like many prepared frozen food items, I'd assume these will be good to go after some time in the oven or the air fryer. You can totally serve them alone, but I would think some sauce could really upgrade the whole experience, whether you use classic cocktail sauce or some other tangy alternative. For just $6.99 a box there is really no cheaper way to add a fancy app to dinner at home. Aldi is coming through once again!!

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