Airlines are selling their in-flight meals because apparently people miss them

Apparently there is a strong demographic of people who are so nostalgic for traveling . that they are willing to shell out money for in-flight meals. Thai Airways was the first to start advertising its meal boxes in April . and Cathay Pacific in China and Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda, followed suit. “It’s served just as if you’re on a flight,” Rubi Haliman told the Guardian. Haliman anticipates that travel will continue to be nonexistent until 2021, but he told the Guardian he’s content with eating the meals in the meantime. “The meals taste better from the ground, but it’s not the same as the sensation of eating in the sky,” he said. Some airlines have started advertising flights to nowhere. Taipei’s Songshan airport allowed hundreds of people to go through the whole check-in process and sit on a plane that never took off