This Air-Styler Dupe For Incredible Blowouts Is Only $55 For Amazon Prime Day 2

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For many people, the best way to style hair is with a blow-dryer brush. The brushes give you a salon-like blow-out for a one-time payment that sounds almost too good to be true. Depending on which blow-dryer brush you purchase, though, is where the catch-22 comes in - the down payment isn't always worth the cost. These brushes can range from $30 to $500-plus dollars based on which brand you buy, the heat settings, the brush types, the attachments, the barrel sizes, and more. If you're looking for a brush that's affordable and a dupe for that costly Airwrap you've seen all over your Instagram and TikTok feed, we've got a great option for you that's on sale for Amazon Prime Day. The 6-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer ($55, originally $69) has over 670 five-star reviews on Amazon, and it's about $400 less than its competitor.

To be clear, we've seen dupes for this air-dryer brush before, and we're aware that not all of them are pristine. While this air styler doesn't use the special Coanda effect to attract hair to the surface of its brush like its competitor, it does produce a similar result of smooth and shiny hair. It comes with six attachments and has three heat settings - high, middle, and low - to dry and lock hair into place. The attachments twist on and lock shut to ensure they don't fall off.

Based on reviews, this brush works well, but customers warn that its head gets really hot. It comes with a glove to prevent your hand from burning, but this is something to definitely keep in mind before purchasing. Regardless of how hot it gets, a majority of reviewers have had a positive experience with this Airwrap dupe, and for a price cut, it might be worth trying yourself. Heck, you might even like it better than the original. Shop it now before the clock strikes midnight and this deal disappears!

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