Air France to Show New Star Wars Film Two Days Before Theatres

·Managing Editor

(Photo: AP Images)

Lines will form at the crack of dawn on December 18 as die-hard fans set out to snag the best seats to see Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens in theaters.

But some very lucky trans-Atlantic plane passengers will get the jump on them.

In what seems like a ploy to rope super-fans into buying very expensive plane tickets, Air France will be letting passengers watch the much-anticipated flick two days before its official release, on December 16.

The French airline is teaming up with EuropaCorp CINEMAS to offer the advance screenings for passengers on four Paris-bound flights, AF083 from San Francisco to Paris, AF065 from Los Angeles, AF011 from New York and AF009 from New York.

Upon landing, passengers will be given Star Wars-themed transportation from the airport to a special screening of the movie.

All passengers must book a seat on the plane before December 10.

May the force be with all of them.

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