‘Ain’t No Way She Just Did That!’: Defiant Substitute Teacher Puts on Teacher’s Alpha Kappa Alpha Jacket. Students and Social Media Brace for What Will Happen Next

A white substitute teacher is expected to catch the fullness of “Phirst Phamily” fury after putting on a duly initiated member of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s jacket in class.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is the first Black women’s sorority founded in 1908 on Howard University’s campus. The organization’s colors are salmon pink and apple green.

Defiant Substitute Teacher Puts on Teacher's AKA Jacket. Students and Social Media Braces for What Will Happen Next 
A photo of a substitute teacher wearing another teacher’s jacket in class. (@ursk1nnysavior/X)

The students in her class tried to warn her not to put their teacher’s jacket on, but the defiant older woman did not care and rocked the pink and green Greek letters like she was marching on Howard University’s campus in 1908.

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One student, whose X profile name is @ursk1nnysavior, posted two pictures of the teacher with the forbidden paraphernalia on her social media. In one picture, the young Black girl, fully aware of the devastating misdeed the woman perpetrated, appears shocked.

The teen also knows the backlash the elderly white woman is about to get.

“Y’all why I’m in class and we got a sub and she gon grab our teacher’s AKA jacket and put it on and then we tryna explain to her and tell her to take it off and SHE WONT DO IT LMFAOOO,” she tweeted.

The post went viral on X, garnering 17 million views by Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Some asked why the substitute teacher thought she could wear the jacket.

One person wrote, “The AKAs are about to be outside her house like …” posting a clip of rapper Beanie Sigel getting raided by the SWAT team.

Another joked, “Her line name is AKAren.”

“I was just hella shocked


like ain’t no way she just did that,” the student followed up in the replies.

Multiple people noted how disrespectful it is to wear anyone’s jacket without permission, regardless of their Divine 9 affiliation. More said they are waiting for a response from the teacher when she returns to class on Monday, Oct. 2. However, as of Tuesday, the student has not posted any updates. Atlanta Black Star also contacted the student for comment.

Membership into Alpha Kappa Alpha is done by a selective membership intake process that has over the last 115 years included women such as Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Mae Jemison, Cathy Hughes, sisters Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad, Jada Pinkett Smith, Brandy Norwood and Vice President Kamala Harris.

These women and only women within the organization understand that membership has its privileges — like wearing the letters. People who are not inducted into any of the organizations included in the National Pan-Hellenic Council (also known as the Divine 9 or D9), are not allowed to wear them.

In some cases, people who do wear paraphernalia or letters (often called perps) face serious and often violent consequences.

One example of a perp getting caught went viral earlier this summer. The young lady did not just wear the AKA clothing but attempted to stroll with some sorors at a Black Greek Week event in Washington. She was pulled from the line.


AKA Perp Alert is one social media page dedicated to putting on blast people who unjustifiably wear AKA paraphernalia and act like they are members when they are not. The substitute teacher most likely didn’t know any of these cultural rules, nor was she trying to act as she pledged. She simply acted out of her privilege, which told her she could do what she wanted.