AI turns The Spice Girls' "Wannabe" into a pretty solid Nine Inch Nails song

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A real, non-machine Trent Reznor... or is it?
A real, non-machine Trent Reznor... or is it?

Artificial intelligence programs, once pretty clunky and easy to mock, are getting really, really good at their jobs lately... like, “straight-up just rewriting our concepts of reality and making us question our meat puppet mentalities in this ‘first world’ country of ours” good. It’s a terrifying prospect for most of us, but after over thirty years of industrial, dystopian goth noise rock, that’s exactly the kind of thing that sounds right up Nine Inch Nails’ alley.

Well, Trent Reznor, let’s see how much you like it when an AI program gets fed the sonic antithesis of your life’s work and approximates your own art, shall we? Behold: The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” in the AI-style of a Nine Inch Nails song.

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Aw hell... that’s not half-bad if we’re being honest. Created by YouTuber JohnDopamine5 using the OpenAI Jukebox system (a program that has churned out equally creepy, catchy work in the past), this “Wannabe” by way of The Downward Spiral sounds pretty damn close to its muse, complete with Reznor-esque vocal growling between off-kilter synth tones and electronic drum beats. It’s only about 30 seconds worth of AI-generated NIN, but it’s enough to make us curious to hear an entire track, or even—dare we dream—an entire album.

To be fair, if there ever was a band to release an LP co-written by our future AI overlords, it would almost definitely be Nine Inch Nails.

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