The Afterparty Is Not Returning for a Season 3

the afterparty
Is The Afterparty Returning for a Season 3?Apple TV+

The Afterparty season two wrapped up earlier this year, and many fans were curious if the show will return for a third season. "Audiences are savvy these days," creator Christopher Miller told Town & Country about making a murder mystery. "They’re more sophisticated than in the time of the original Murder on the Orient Express, and having to stay one step ahead of them is a real trick."

In October, Apple TV announced that the murder mystery wouldn't be returning for a third season. "I’m really proud of the 2 seasons we made of THE AFTERPARTY - one of the most ambitious comedy series ever - with exceptional work by the writers, cast, & crew juggling the genres & the mystery. Bummed there won’t be more, but thankful for the super clever, passionate fans!" Miller posted on social media.

On the hopes it was going to be renewed, members of season two pitched T&C on season three ideas in early July. John Cho, who plays Ulysses, told Town & Country it should be set at a "get together that's high stakes, where new people are mixing, like a family reunion." He added, "How about renewal of vows in Hawaii? I'm trying to pull an Adam Sandler—get myself to Hawaii."

Anna Konkle, who plays Hannah, tells T&C "a surprise party would be funny. Or someone's hundredth birthday. Where they're 100, of course they died. But then it gets fishy." Elizabeth Perkins, who plays Isabel, suggested a murder mystery at a funeral. "Murder at a funeral," she said, would make for a great plot.

Only three actors returned between seasons one and two of The Afterparty: Tiffany Haddish, Zoë Chao, and Sam Richardson.

There's still hope The Afterparty could find a new home for season three, with the Hollywood Reporter reporting that Sony Pictures Television is looking for a new streamer.

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