These affordable Stanley cup swaps have all the same clever features as the OG and look just as chic

 The Stanley cup pictured next to two other 'Stanley cup dupes' in a purple, blue and cream abstract template
The Stanley cup pictured next to two other 'Stanley cup dupes' in a purple, blue and cream abstract template

These Stanley cup dupes promise max hydration and aesthetics, for a fraction of the OG TikTok viral tumbler.

The coveted Stanley Quencher in question has become something of an everyday staple for many because let's be honest, when it comes to your daily water intake, the quest to stay hydrated is made so much easier with a stylish cup.  Especially when said cup keeps your icy beverage chilled for days, complete with a straw and boasting a sleek design—perfect for accessorizing with your capsule wardrobe pieces.

Alas though, despite its widespread popularity, not all of us can justify a spend of upwards of $45 on a luxe travel mug—hence why these budget-friendly alternatives from Amazon are all the more tempting.

The best Stanley Cup dupes

While we've been occupying ourselves with the latest e.l.f Clinique Black Honey dupe and adding these Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter dupes to our wishlists, there's another viral item shoppers are desperate to get their hands on.

The Stanely Cup is one of TikTok's fave viral items and these swaps are very comparable...

Stanley Quencher Cup

RRP: $45

For anyone wanting to get their hands on the real article, the Stanely Quencher will keep your drinks icy for up to two days and can retain the heat of hot beverages for seven hours. Making it the ultimate travel companion.

Simple Modern 40 oz Cup

RRP: $29.99

This 40 oz, insulated cup has the TikTok dupe seal of approval. It's available in a range of aesthetic colors and comes with a matching straw and double wall insulation—much like the OG.

TEAMVV 40 oz Tumbler

RRP: $26.99

Available in a range of shades, this versatile Tumbler is another affordable swap. It's stainless steel and insulated design can keep your drinks either hot or cold for up to eight hours and comes with a range of lids and straw cleaning tools.

So, what's all the fuss about this famous cup, you ask? Well, besides its sleek design (and compatibility with most car cup holders) the cup is available in a range of thirst-quenching sizes and thanks to its stainless steel and double vacuum-walled insulation, it can keep your drinks cold for 11 hours and your iced drinks icy for—wait for it—TWO DAYS. So, if you're someone who finds it hard to drink fluids unless they're deliciously chilled, this cup is something of a life-changer.

And that's not even all, you can also use these travel cups for hot drinks, not just cold, which are kept toasting for a whopping seven hours.

The drawbacks? The Stanley cup tumbler is on the pricier side, with certain colorways costing $50 and the best-selling 40 oz size priced at $45.

Thankfully though, there are a few Stanley Quencher cup dupes on the market, that TikTok users named as dupes of the real article, all for under $30 and featuring very similar shapes, functionality and colors.

If the Stanley Cup is out of stock, where can I shop it?

Across the pond, some of the coveted 40z Stanley Quencher cups are currently out of stock on the official website, so we've also found our UK readers a few, budget-friendly alternatives...

P.S. You can also still find the OG 40z Quencher in stock (in a few shades) over on Amazon!

Dolsi 40oz Tumbler

RRP: £24.95

Available in several chic colors, this insulated, stainless steel tumbler will fulfill all your beverage needs!

YsinoBear 40iz Tumbler Cup

RRP: £11.99

With rave reviews, this cup has also been touted as a dupe for Stanley's famous tumbler by Amazon shoppers and for under £20, you can't go wrong!

Somerway 40oz Tumbler

RRP: £21.99

This cup is available in a range of colorful shades and thanks to its double insulation, it keeps drinks cold for up to 10 hours and hot drinks hot for 6 hours.