These Affordable Services Will Send Your Birth Control Straight To Your Front Door (!)

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Yes, You Can Get Your BC Delivered. Here's How.Getty Images/Margie Rischiotto

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Sure, the 21st century is alllll kinds of messy. But there *are* certain things we have today that our predecessors would definitely be jealous of. For example, you can order food from your phone on your commute home from work and have it sitting at your apartment door by the time you get back. Or, you can have a bottle of wine waiting for you just in time for happy hour without having to venture out to the liquor store. There's also another amazingly convenient straight-to-your-door service that would wow our ancestors that, TBH, is pretty underrated: birth control delivery. Ever tried it?

In addition to being incredibly convenient, there are so many reasons why online birth control can be a great resource for you and/or your loved ones. Hear us out: although all contraception is technically covered by the Affordable Care Act, some employers and institutions can choose to refuse coverage based on religious or moral reasons. That means you may not have access to birth control in some cases, even if you do have health insurance (*sigh*). Not only that, but even if you do have access to birth control and emergency contraception, it may not be readily available to you. For instance, if you don't have easy access to a pharmacy, or if you’re on a college campus and your regular doc isn’t nearby to hook you up with your monthly pill packs. That's where birth control websites and apps come in. They don't require you to have health insurance to access their services (though if you do have health insurance, it'll probably save you $$ on your pills) and they'll deliver the goods wherever you need them. A recipe for success, if ya ask us.

Also, because it’s no one’s damn business what you’re taking for your own reproductive health (cc: the Supreme Court), these birth control websites and apps aim to be super discreet with their packaging, so no one has to know what you’re ordering. Especially if you need that Plan B, stat. Yup, you heard that right: Some of them also offer emergency contraception with a fast turnaround so you don’t have to make that dreaded morning-after trip to the pharmacy.

Because there are options on options on options (like, do you need an IUD? Pill? Patch? Ring?) we did the homework so you can figure out which BC delivery service works best for you. Below, you'll find our picks for the best birth control websites and apps on the market right now—along with everything you need to know about them.

1. Favor

The company formerly known as The Pill Club has rebranded to Favor—and you'll be doing yourself just that if you check them out. They've expanded their offerings from 120 brands of birth control (prescribed for you by their medical team based on your digital health profile) to also include sexual health products like tampons, condoms, the morning-after pill, lube, pregnancy tests, and STI tests. You can even get a consultation from a dermatologist for your skin and get prescription skincare products to your door ASAP. Trying to get your hormonal acne under control? This is your move.


  • Birth control is free with insurance and only $6.99 per pack for a full year’s supply if you don’t have insurance.

  • Emergency contraception is free with insurance and wayyy cheaper (only $15!) than if you paid out of pocket at the pharmacy.

  • You don’t need an appointment—just text their service any time.


  • The morning-after pill only ships out with your regular pack, so it may not be best for an ~SOS situation~. The same goes for pregnancy tests.

2. Ro/Modern Fertility

A free emergency contraception pill with your first purchase? Honestly, you can never be too prepared in this climate. After your first online consultation with one of Ro’s Modern Fertility medical providers, you can choose from their recommendations of 17 different pills, which you can easily switch between for free if needed (dw, the provider will check up on your side effects). Then they'll send a teeny-tiny pack of emergency contraception with your first shipment juuust in case you ever need it. We love to see it.


  • You don’t need insurance to use the service.

  • It’s easy to change prescriptions if one doesn’t vibe with you.

  • You receive a free emergency contraceptive with your first purchase.


  • At $19 for a quarterly plan or $29 for a monthly plan, it may cost more than other BC delivery services.

3. Nurx

Nurx has you covered for just about anything you can imagine needing when it comes to your health. Case in point: they deliver mental health prescriptions, migraine medications, HIV PrEP, COVID tests, STI test kits, and more. If you just need birth control, you'll have lots of choices (most of which will cost you $0 if you have insurance!) because Nurx offers over 50 formulas of pills, as well as patches, rings, and even the birth control shot. You can also receive Ella, the emergency contraception pill, with $15 overnight shipping.


  • You can order all your prescriptions through Nurx.

  • BC options beyond the pill are available.

  • They offer fast shipping for emergency contraception.


  • Certain BC methods are much more expensive if you don’t have insurance coverage.

4. Wisp

Can’t get in to see your gyno for a while? Don't even panic—Wisp has your back, bby. Whether you have a UTI, symptoms of an STI, want to delay your period, or just need to get on birth control, you can set up a consultation with Wisp’s physicians within 24 hours of signing up. After that, you pay just $15 for a quarterly BC subscription delivered to straight to your door, or $17 for Wisp to ship you emergency contraception (they can also send it to your local pharmacy, if you need it same-day). The other benefit of Wisp? They offer medical abortion and will ship the abortion pill to people in some states who are over 18 and under 10 weeks pregnant for a $200 fee, compared to the usual cost of over $500.


  • You don’t need insurance to use the service and can use your FSA/HSA to pay.

  • At-home delivery is free, or you can do same-day delivery to your local pharmacy.

  • They offer the abortion pill at an affordable price.


  • While birth control and emergency contraception delivery are available in all 50 states, the abortion pill is only available for shipment in certain areas.

5. Pandia Health

The pros at Pandia Health will get you set up with a new BC prescription if you don’t already have one, or fill an existing one for you with free shipping(!). Your initial online medical consultation for birth control will cost $25, plus you can also get an acne consultation for $35. From there, your birth control prescription for a pill, patch, or ring is free if you have insurance. If you don’t have insurance, NBD—your pill packs will start at $15 each. Pandia Health has a new offering too: An STI kit for $89.99 (it usually costs $30 more than that if you get it over-the-counter), which doctors recommend that you take at least once per year.


  • Pandia Health's doctors will fill an existing prescription or get you a new birth control prescription with free delivery.

  • You can use the service to get hormonal acne treatment.

  • They provide periodic check-ins and access to physicians for any questions you may have.


  • They only offer hormonal birth control options, AKA the pill, patch, and ring.

  • Some other services don’t charge as much for an initial consultation.

6. Planned Parenthood Direct

We've got good news: Planned Parenthood has made many of its services available right on your phone via the free Planned Parenthood Direct app. Submit a request at any time and you can video chat with a provider within one business day. Your call won't cost you anything, and your pill pack, if you order one, will cost between $15 and $25. If you need emergency contraception, you can get Ella via overnight shipping for $80. And in some states, the clinicians can even get you set up with a prescription for UTI treatment right after your call, if that’s what you’re dealing with rn.


  • You can get at-home delivery for birth control pills or choose pharmacy pickup for the pill, patch, ring, or UTI treatment.

  • Insurance isn’t necessary, and your digital visit, as well as shipping for your prescriptions, are free.


  • The birth control pill service and emergency contraception delivery is not available in all 50 states.

  • Getting emergency contraception by mail is more expensive than at the pharmacy and weekend delivery isn't an option.

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