This affordable body oil is a spa day in a bottle

When it comes to skincare, simple, powerful ingredients don't have to cost an arm and a leg

Video Transcript

- Hi, friends. I'm Oneika, and welcome to the last episode of "In the Know-- Duped." This is the series where we find low-cost alternatives for your favorite high-end luxury products. As the colder weather approaches, let me remind you how important it is to keep your skin hydrated. So let's delve into these dupes for body-care products.


Applying oil to your body is not only nourishing, but therapeutic. The AUM Restorative Body Oil is perfect for this. Not only is it packed with beneficial ingredients, it also has a heavenly lavender scent that'll soothe and relax you immediately. This product will run you $58, but the bottle is pretty small. And chances are that you'll need two bottles to get you through the winter.

While there are several different dupes for this product, I'd like to introduce you to Dr Teal's Moisturizing Bath & Body Oil. Now, this oil is the first thing I pick up during the winter months because not only is it super hydrating, it has a lavender scent, and, oh my goodness, it smells so good. It smells almost identical to the AUM oil, but at $6, it is so much more affordable.

It goes on super smoothly. The texture is light and airy, and it'll leave your skin with the feeling of intense hydration. Given the low cost of this product, please do not hesitate to apply it generously all over your entire body, especially after taking a bath. And voila, another affordable alternative to keep you silky-smooth, supple and soft, even on the coldest days.

I'm Oneika, and thank you so much for joining us on "In the Know-- Duped." For more episodes like these, head to dotcom. And I'll see you around.