Aesop Dubbs "Ouranon" as the Final Piece of the "Othertopias" Fragrance Collection

Following the release of "Gloam," Aesop is closing its "Othertopias" collection chapter with "Ouranon" Eau de Parfum.

"Ouranon" is a gender-neutral, spicy, woody floral with notes of citrus, petitgrain, elemi, lavender, tonka, frankincense and myrrh. While the citrus element initially opens up the fragrance, once dried down on the skin, sensorial aromatics of chamomile and hay take over, with the universal chameleon of patchouli driving it home. As "Ouranon" signals the end of a chapter, it beautifully reminds the wearer that beauty is finite and the gift of scent is endless.

The "Othertopias" collection includes a total of six fragrances: "Miraceti," "Karst," "Erémia," "Eidesis," "Gloam," and "Ouranon."

"Ouranon" retails for $195 USD and will soon be available in-store and online at Aesop.