Aerie Model Iskra Lawrence Loves Her Webbed Toes

From Cosmopolitan

Not only is Iskra Lawrence totally gorgeous, she was also born with a little something that only 1 in 2,500 people have: webbed toes!

"Not crazy webbed," said Iskra in a video for Runway Riot. "I don't look like I have duck feet, but they are webbed."

It was actually Iskra's friend Hannah who first pointed out her webbed toes to her while the two of them were hanging out, watching Netflix.

"No," Iskra said at first.

"No, look. You do!" Hannah insisted.

Looking again, Iskra realized Hannah was right. She wasn't freaked out by this anatomical revelation though; she was excited. "That's so cool!" Iskra said.

Cool and functional. Because before Iskra was a world famous model, she was a national-level swimmer. "They probably helped my swimming skills," Iskra said.

Today, Iskra even goes as far as to say that her webbed toes are actually her favorite part of her body. In the video, Iskra recounts the story of her Aerie casting where she last spoke openly about her wonderfully webbed toes. While most model castings are pretty dull - just a bunch of models posing for digital pictures and dropping off comp cards - the Aerie casting included a question-and-answer portion where Iskra was asked to speak on camera about her favorite body part.

"My bookers were like, 'You're going to say your butt!' And I was like, 'No! I said my webbed toes!"

This probably not the answer Aerie was expecting, but they must have loved it all the same because Iskra booked the gig and has been a rising star in the modeling world ever since.

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