Adorably concerned toddler scolds dad for standing too close to the road

Watch this adorably concerned toddler scold his dad for standing too close to the road!

Jon Isa (@mom_aldie) is a TikToker and parent whose toddler son, Aldie, is truly passionate about safety. In an extremely sweet video, the concerned toddler yelled at his dad for standing “dangerously” close to a road. The fact that the road in question was completely devoid of traffic only made the sweet moment all the more adorable!

The video begins with a shot of Aldie sitting outdoors wearing blue pants and a blue shirt. The toddler holds a spray bottle in his hands and appears to have been helping his parents clean something. However, Aldie’s attention has been distracted from the task at hand by the concerning sight of his father standing near the road!

“Papa, no! It’s dangerous, the road!” Aldie yells at his dad, who can be seen standing on the sidewalk near an empty road.

Aldie’s dad looks up in surprise as Aldie continues to warn. “Papa, no!” Aldie continues. “The road is really dangerous.”

“Why?” Jon Isa asks from behind the camera.

“Because, there’s lots of vehicles and trucks on the road,” the toddler explains, turning the spray bottle nervously in his hands.

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Jon Isa laughs as she pans the camera towards her husband, revealing, once again, that the road is completely empty.

“There’s no vehicles!” Aldie’s dad says, turning in circles, as though looking for cars.

Then, to comfort the concerned toddler, the dad runs away from the road. He laughs as he approaches Aldie, whose mood immediately turns around. The video ends with both father and son laughing together as Aldie excitedly says, “Papa!”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorably contentious toddler.

“Aldie is always giving Papa loving advice,” one viewer wrote.

“He said, ‘vehicles.’ Very impressive vocabulary,” another viewer pointed out.

“Such a caring boy. Papa please be careful,” commented another TikToker.

Aldie certainly takes his family’s safety seriously!

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