Adorable Dachshund Learning to Walk in His Booties Is an Instant Classic

Since the dawn of the Internet, there have been dog videos. Dogs have become basically celebrities through social media and video-sharing websites, but as technology advanced, so did pet owners' camera skills. Now, a scroll through the canine side of TikTok could show you just about anything, from quick and informational tidbits from veterinarians to feature-length films about a dog's vacation. Nothing is off-limits!

But ever since dog videos first became popular, there are a few 'genres' of clips that never fail to disappoint. Dog zoomies, silly sleeping positions, and even Husky 'talking' have always been beloved, but nothing makes people laugh quite as much as dogs in shoes.

On March 3, the owner of Fettuccine the weenie (AKA the Dachshund) posted the silliest video of him wearing his new protective booties for the very first time. He had exactly the reaction I was expecting to see, and I think this video is an instant classic.

LOL! I'm sorry for laughing, Fettuccine, but this was just too cute! I couldn't help but smile from the moment I saw these dog Crocs on the pup's feed, but when he started hopping and hobbling around, I just about lost it. And I wasn't the only one!

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A few commenters had great questions for the sausage dog shoe model, including whether Croc charms could be added to them. Wouldn't that be cute? It would probably also be a safety issue for dogs who chew, however, so I don't foresee that addition being announced anytime soon. Maybe the shoes can come in more patterns instead!

Currently, the WagWear boots, called WagWellies, come in 8 colors for dog owners to choose from. There are two styles of dog boots to choose from, too. The traditional WagWellies are completely enclosed and great for wet weather paw protection, while the WagWellies Mojave look like the Crocs we all know and love.

Why Should Dogs Wear Shoes?

Dog shoes may look adorable (and they are) but they have several benefits for the pups who wear them too. In the wintertime, boots can keep paws dry, warm, and protected against irritants like deicing chemicals and road salt. In the summer, the same thing applies! Your dog's paws can stay cool and protected in their boots, even while temperatures soar.

Shoes for dogs can also be helpful if a dog suffers from allergies or itchy paws. It's not always easy to tell what's causing your pup's paws to itch, but canine allergies to an environmental trigger--such as grass--can be surprisingly common.

As Fettuccine proves, dog boots aren't always easy to get used to. But with a little time and patience, most pups can learn to tolerate them when necessary!

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