Adorable Chipmunk Stuffs Cheeks With Tasty Snacks in Maine Backyard

An adorable chipmunk was caught on camera storing food in its cheeks in the backyard of a Maine home on May 20.

Footage by Bangor resident Travis James Richards shows the super-cute critter jamming its mouth full of delicious snacks before running off.

“I’ve seen him under my bird feeder many times before so it was no surprise that he quickly found the pile of peanuts,” Richards told Storyful.

“I positioned my camera nice and close to some peanuts and was tickled to capture this really cute footage of this chipmunk stuffing his cheeks before he undoubtedly hurried back to his secret stash,” he said. “I love all my backyard critters and this little chipmunk brought a smile to my face.” Credit: Travis James Richards via Storyful