Adorable cat will rest his head on anything you put in front of him

There probably isn’t a single cat owner that doesn’t think their cat is a little weird.

Pon’s Diary is a YouTube channel singularly devoted to documenting the life of its subject Pon, a Scottish fold cat. In Japanese Pon translates to “full,” a name the feline earned because his stomach is always slightly bloated.

Like most cats, Pon is adorable and pretty strange. One moment he’s wandering around the snow-covered backyard in a puffy coat, in another, Pon rests his head on literally any object placed under his chin.

Just check out this montage of Pon absolutely melting whenever an object is placed near his neck. Whether it’s a bib, spoon, hand or snap pea, Pon is happy to nestle his head on top of it. Although Pon’s unadulterated love of anything near his chin falls on the more extreme side of the spectrum, cats generally like a little love in the area.

Cats have scent glands under their chin that produce pheromones used to mark the animal’s territory. Your kitty will slather you and family members, along with objects, to be able to identify them later on. But scratching there also just feels good for the cat. It’s one of the few places cats can’t reach when they cleanse themselves with their tongues. Thus, petting the area can remind your cat of being groomed by their mother as a kitten.

So while your cat might not be so stoked to wear a bib like Pon, a few rubs under the chin can still provide a nice bonding experience.

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