Adorable Bulldog Stole the Show and Made Everyone Want to Visit Cleveland in Puppy Bowl Ad

Cleveland is known for many things, being the home of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Superman's birthplace and having some pretty great museums, but a new ad that aired during The Puppy Bowl also wants you to know that your dog can have how own day while visiting the city of light.

Check out the following to see this cute bulldog has the best time every exploring Cleveland.

I'm not huge on boarding my dog, and I like to bring him with to as many places as possible. So many people treat their dogs as their kids now so it's nice to see a tourism campaign that makes you feel like your dog would have just as much fun as you would when visiting this city.

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Anytime you take your dog on a trip, it's best to call ahead to the hotel you wish to book and inquire about their pet policy, where the closest green space is, and whether or not there are restaurants with outdoor patios that allow dogs.

Service dogs are the exception, and generally service animals are allowed to be with their person, even in places that don’t allow pets.

Make sure you always travel with any medications your dog requires, their vet records and any comfort objects they love.  I don't know about you all, but now my dog absolutely wants to visit Cleveland!

Places You Can Bring Your Pup in Cleveland

Cleveland does seem like a pretty dog-friendly city, and with more than eight lakefront parks you can certainly find places to take your dog out for an afternoon stroll.

For accommodations, The Metropolitan at the 9 hotel has an indoor dog park on the 29th floor that is open 24 hours a day.

The Holden Arboretum, the 12th largest public garden in the country, has a whopping 3,500 acres of green space. Dogs on leashes are always welcome to roam more than 20 miles of hiking trails.

The Taps and Tails Dog Bar is Cleveland's first dog park and bar. It has both indoor and outdoor areas, and the offer cocktails like 'Hair Of The Dog, 'Zoomies' and 'Man's Best Friend.'  You can find the rules for dog guests here.

Bow Wow Beach, a short drive away in Stow, has a 7.5-acre fenced dog park surrounding a 5-acre lake in Stow, OH. There are both beach and grassy areas, sunny spots and shade, as well as a small dog area for pups on the smaller side.

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