Adorable Baby Chinchilla Goes Viral After Calling Out His ‘Mean’ Mom

Did you know that chinchillas are not only cute, but that they also make good pets? I guess I'd never considered a chinchilla as a pet, but it seems that lots of TikTokers love them. @Chinderella and Prince's mom shared a video of baby Mickey climbing out of his cage for the first time and he's absolutely adorable!

Mom shared the video on Monday, November 27th, and people went crazy over the cuteness. The video starts with Mickey saying that his mom told him that she no longer loves him and he's up for adoption, so he decided to hit the road forever. After he tells us his reason for leaving, you can hear his mom in the background saying, "That is not what I said, I said you can't have second dinner". Mickey replied back that that's the same thing. What a mean mom he's got!

Sounds like Mickey really wanted that second dinner! He threw a tantrum just like a kid. @Chinderella and Prince goes on to explain in the caption that chinchillas are excellent climbers and can jump up to 6 feet high. WOW! So Mickey escaping his cage shows that he's ready to climb and start jumping. He's going to keep his mean mom busy!

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The video quickly went viral and has more than 8 million views, 1.5 million likes, and almost 5 thousand comments. @Emily got nearly 50 thousand likes when she shouted, "I'VE NEVER SEEN A BABY CHINCHILLA OH MY GOD!!!" @CrispNChill spoke the truth with, "I didn't know that I needed to see a baby chinchilla" and @mj shared, "I have never seen a baby chinchilla before. My life is complete. I’m ready to go now."

I'll be keeping an eye on Mickey because seriously, he's beyond cute. I can't wait to watch him grow and see more of his antics!

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