Adopted Cat Who Was Returned After One Day for Being 'Too Shy' Serves As an Important Reminder

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Adopted pets need to be given time, love, and patience.

Pet adoption is a joyous occasion for all animal loves. The idea of welcoming a new pet to the family is exciting, and we spend a lot of time imagining how our new pet will fit in with the family. However, we must remember to be patient with our new pets as they adjust to a new environment.

TikTok user @azadoptthekitties is a shelter volunteer that recently shared a video of a Siamese cat named Boo who was returned by his adopters after only one day because she was shy. How heartbreaking for Boo! Check out the video to see how cute she is.

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Aww, Boo is adorable! We feel so sorry for this sweet baby and hope she doesn't't feel bad about being returned. It must have bee a rollercoaster of emotions for her.

People in the comments were shocked that this family would return her after only one day and believe it speaks to their lack of experience with cats. @jedediah_bruton said, "It takes more than a day. New environment and big changes. Whole life was uprooted. Please be patient with fur babies." Another user, @mrbrimleyforever, commented, "Cats need time to adjust! The adopter obviously don’t understand cats and shouldn’t have them anyway." It is very important for new pet owners to do research on the species and breed before adopting!

Luckily, someone recognized what a catch Boo is, because she has recently been adopted by a new owner! We are so thrilled for Boo and hope her new owners will be more understanding of the time it takes for her to come out of her shell. We know she will thrive with the right family!

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