Adobe's wild new AI tool is being called 'Photoshop for audio'

 A man editing music at a computer using Project Music GenAI Control.
A man editing music at a computer using Project Music GenAI Control.

Fresh of the heels of its game-changing new AI audio tools for Premiere Pro, Adobe has announced new experimental text-to-audio generative AI tools for music co-creation and co-editing. Project Music GenAI Control is being touted as 'Photoshop for audio', offering easy and precise AI-based audio editing.

Like most generative AI, the new tools begin with a text prompt. And after the audio itself has been generated, users can make complex and specific tweaks using a simple interface. (If you're yet to try out Adobe's video editing software, take a look at our guide on how to download Premiere Pro.)

“With Project Music GenAI Control, generative AI becomes your co-creator. It helps people craft music for their projects, whether they’re broadcasters, or podcasters, or anyone else who needs audio that’s just the right mood, tone, and length,” says Nicholas Bryan, Senior Research Scientist at Adobe Research and one of the creators of the tools. “One of the exciting things about these new tools is that they aren’t just about generating audio—they’re taking it to the level of Photoshop by giving creatives the same kind of deep control to shape, tweak, and edit their audio. It’s a kind of pixel-level control for music."

It isn't clear at this stage when the tool will be rolled out, but if other Adobe Firefly updates are anything to go by, it'll likely be incorporated into Adobe's existing software such as Premiere Pro. For more weird and wonderful creative ideas from the company, check out the best 'Sneaks' we saw at Adobe Max 2023.