We admire Emily Ratajkowski for clapping back at social media trolls

emily ratajkowski claps back at bimbo comments
We're so here for EmRata clapping back at trollsRachpoot/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images
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If you've not been on TikTok as of late (erm, hi, hello, where have you been?), chances are you're completely unaware that Kurt Hummel from Glee has been taking over everyone's FYP. A new meme format sees users lip syncing to the sound of him singing, 'All that work and what did it get me? Why did I do it?' – and Emily Ratajkowski has just jumped on it, too.

Taking to her account just a few hours ago [23 February, 2024], EmRata shared a five-second video of the aforementioned sound which has evolved into a channel for venting frustration that resonates with users and in turn has sparked widespread, viral engagement.

She captioned her version of the trend with text that reads: "writing a best selling, critically acclaimed book of essays only for people to still call you a bimbo every time they see some cleav." This is in reference to her 2021 book named My Body, which is a searingly honest exploration of body politics and the fetishisation of women and female beauty today. The collection of essays is written through the lens of her own experiences as a model and actor.

In other words, Emily is clapping back – and rightly so – at ignorant social media trolls who judge her based on physical appearance and profile her as a 'bimbo' without having or acknowledging her many successes. Not only has the writer published a best-selling book but she's also a highly successful model, actor and host of her very own podcast, 'High Low with EmRata'. Not to mention that she's a mum, too!

Showing support for the star, fans took to the comments section of the video post. "Your book just helped me with many of my problems as women, thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️," one fan wrote, while another put: "such a girl boss move."

So, I think we can all agree that this serves as a much-appreciated reminder that judging one based on external appearances is a foolish metric. Snaps for Em, please!

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