adidas' New Supernova Is All About Next-Level Comfort

In a global study surveying 2,674 runners across 11 cities worldwide, almost half (47%, to be precise) of runners said uncomfortable shoes were their biggest barrier to participating in the sport they love. So it makes sense that adidas would work on a solution, creating a comfort-focused apparel and sneakers franchise called Supernova.

Launched on February 15, the line reintroduces the beloved Supernova Rise, a sneaker made specifically with casual runners in mind, and brings two new comfy sneakers – the Supernova Stride and the Supernova Solution – to the fold. Each model includes adidas's Dreamstrike+, a re-engineered super foam, derived from the brand's signature Lightstrike Pro foam from the Adizero franchise.

Alongside the comfort Dreamstrike+ foam, the sneakers each have special features designed to target different comfort concerns for runners. For example, the Supernova Rise has support rods and a comfort heel fit, while the Supernova Stride and Supernova Solution both have extra forefoot cushioning and innovative outsole.

Adidas, Comfort, Running, Supernova Collection
Adidas, Comfort, Running, Supernova Collection

The sneakers were also designed to spark joy, incorporating a bright orange pop of color – a detail that recurs in the apparel line, as well – at the bottom of the soles. You can shop the Supernova collection on or at select retailers globally.

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