Adele Respectfully Declines Lesbian Fan Who Shot Her Shot At Her Concert


You have to applaud this fan’s bravery!

At one of Adele’s recent shows during her Las Vegas Weekends With Adele residency, one brave queer fan asked for her hand in marriage, but unfortunately, Adele had to respectfully decline.

Adele was interacting with fans when one female fan asked if she could marry Adele.

“You can’t marry me, I’m straight, my love,” Adele politely responded. “And my husband’s here tonight. He’s here.”

When the fan asked if she wanted to “try” at being a lesbian, Adele responded again, leaving the fan with a dropped jaw. “No, I don’t want to try, I’m with Rich! You’re crazy! Leave me alone!”

Adele has been in a relationship with sports agent Rich Paul since 2021. There haven’t been reports that the couple got married, but maybe they have!

A similar thing happened with a queer fan at one of Kelly Clarkson’s recent shows. Back in July, Clarkson was performing at her own Las Vegas residency when she saw a fan holding a sign saying, “My girlfriend gave me a hall pass for you.”

“If I was into chicks, I’d take up the offer,” Clarkson replied. “I just unfortunately like d***s.”

With all these queer fans shooting their shots, one of them will have to get through soon!

We certainly like this trend of queer fans shooting their shots with straight artists much better than the unfortunate trend this past summer of concert-goers throwing physical objects at artists, even sometimes injuring them.

With Clarkson, Adele, Lady Gaga, and Usher all having Las Vegas residencies right now, there are plenty of opportunities for fans to shoot their shots!