Adele Has Once Again Gone Viral For Doing Basically Nothing, And Now It's A Meme

Adele has quickly become *the* highlight at Lakers games.

In the past few years, the "Can I Get It" singer has been known to attend a game or two.

And she has become, quite literally, the reason some people watch the game.

Less basketball, more Adele.

But really, her expressions have become *quite* a thing.

Adele holding up a Louis Vuitton purse over her face
Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Why watch the game when you can watch Adele scream into her handbag?

Adele yelling but holding up her handbag to block her face
Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Her first viral basketball moment happened when she literally did nothing.

That video instantly became a meme.

She was spotted jamming out to "Levitating." That also became a thing.

And this video of her looking bored also became a relatable, instantly memeable moment.

And now she's back with another instant-meme moment.

she's such a living meme lmao 😭

— magda (@thinkinboutdula) April 30, 2023

Adele yawned with her mouth closed, and the video has totally become a thing.

adele yawned with her mouth closed so people don't think she's bored lmao 😭😭😭

— adele's fan » addy ³⁰ « (@queenadelesIays) April 29, 2023

It's relatable for every situation...

me when talking to someone that doesn't have the same vibes with me

— ϟ AMMAR (@ammarnasir_) May 1, 2023

Me in class sitting in front of the lecturer be like

— yaya (@__aaeries) May 1, 2023

Her vinyls waiting for someone to purchase them at target:

— fatal framing my fish | potenial father era (@extrafantaa) April 30, 2023

me watching 3 hours of house of gucci only for gaga

— asif 〄 (@chromaticgaga) April 29, 2023

Me at literally any type of social gathering

— maria fernanda (@mafemariona) April 30, 2023

So yeah, Adele once again proves she's a living, walking, and talking meme.

She is literal living meme 😭 legend

— kim kitty 🌹 (@liquidy2041) April 30, 2023

That poor woman can't even a swallow a yawn without becoming a meme.

Okay see, I thought I had a superpower

— Jake (@Jayeeik_) April 30, 2023