Addmotor WildTan M-5600 - E-Hunting Bike Review, Tech & Specs

This camouflaged beast is ready to tame the backcountry.<p>Addmotor</p>
This camouflaged beast is ready to tame the backcountry.


In the untamed wilderness where power and precision matter most, the Addmotor WildTan M-5600 emerges as the undisputed apex predator of electric hunting bikes. This beast of a bike boasts a Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor, a colossal 1000 Watts of power, and a jaw-dropping 160 Nm of torque. Like a mighty grizzly bear prowling the mountains, the WildTan is engineered to tackle the toughest terrains, hauling your gear effortlessly into the heart of the backcountry or triumphantly retrieving your harvest from the lofty alpine.

Quick Specs

  • Battery Size: 840 Wh

  • Stated Range: 60+ miles

  • Motor Power: 1000W

  • Payload Capacity: 350 lbs

The Thunderous Roar: Bafang Motor's Dominance

The beating heart of the WildTan is the Bafang BBSHD mid-drive motor, a force of nature delivering a robust 1000 Watts. This powerhouse generates a colossal 160 Nm of torque, ensuring that no terrain is too rugged, and no haul is too heavy. It's the equivalent of having a pack of wolves pulling your cargo trailer effortlessly through the wild. Whatever the hunting expedition demands, the Bafang motor roars to life, providing unmatched power and hauling prowess.

The powerful mid-drive motor and reliable battery will take you to the farthest reaches of the backcountry.<p>Addmotor</p>
The powerful mid-drive motor and reliable battery will take you to the farthest reaches of the backcountry.


Unyielding Stamina: Panasonic Cells in the Battery

In the relentless pursuit of dominance, Addmotor fortifies the WildTan with a 48V and 17.5 Ah battery housing, made up of genuine Panasonic cells. This battery, akin to the endurance of a migrating eagle, delivers a whopping 840Wh of power. With high-quality cells, it becomes a reliable partner for the long haul, enduring multiple hunting seasons without faltering. In the backcountry, where power is king, this battery stands tall as a formidable ally.

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Silent Stalkers: Tires and Suspension

Just as a sleek panther glides through the jungle, the WildTan moves effortlessly through varied terrains with an inverted adjustable fork offering 120mm of travel. Paired with Kenda Juggernaut Pro tires, wide and puncture-resistant, the bike navigates silently and stably through the rugged wilderness. The WildTan's suspension and tires are like stealthy paws, ensuring you traverse the landscape with finesse, free from the jolts and disturbances of the untamed terrain.

The inverted fork with 1200mm of suspension and puncture-resistant tires are a deadly combination.<p>Addmotor</p>
The inverted fork with 1200mm of suspension and puncture-resistant tires are a deadly combination.


Navigating the Wilderness: Smart Display and Connectivity

In the vast wilderness, losing your way is a hunter's nightmare. The WildTan eliminates this concern with a 5-inch LCD Smart color display screen equipped with Bluetooth and Google Map functionality. It's like having a GPS-savvy companion, guiding you through the backcountry with precision. With a seamless connection to your phone, you can stream maps effortlessly, ensuring you can focus on the hunt and not on being lost.

The 5-inch LCD will have you navigating the backcountry with ease.<p>Addmotor</p>
The 5-inch LCD will have you navigating the backcountry with ease.


Armoring Up: Accessories and Safety Components

As a hunter gears up for the expedition, so does the WildTan with a range of accessories. Racks, bags, and cargo haulers become the battle armor, allowing you to configure the bike to suit your specific needs. Safety is further enhanced with integrated lights illuminating the path like a beacon in the wilderness. Tektro Hydraulic disk brakes act as vigilant guards, ensuring a secure halt even when hauling heavy loads. The Shimano Alivio drivetrain, a nice upgrade compared to many other hunting bikes, becomes the trusted companion, pedaling you smoothly to your secret hunting sanctuary.

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Invisible Presence: Camouflage Aesthetics

In the delicate dance of hunter and prey, staying unseen is paramount. Addmotor understands this, offering the WildTan with a camouflage paint job. It's the ultimate camouflage, turning your bike into an unseen predator as you stealthily glide through the backcountry. The WildTan becomes one with the environment, a silent force moving undetected through the natural tapestry.

The Grand Finale: A Hunter's Symphony in the Wilderness

In a grand symphony of power, endurance, and stealth, the Addmotor WildTan M-5600 orchestrates the perfect hunting expedition. Like a majestic creature of the wild, it blends power and finesse, ensuring you conquer the toughest terrain with ease. With this e-hunting bike, every expedition becomes a saga, and every ride an adventure. As you embark on your WildTan journey, remember, in the realm of electric hunting bikes, the WildTan wants to rule the wilderness with unmatched might and grace. Hunt on, hunter, for the WildTan is your ultimate companion in the untamed realm.

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