Addison Rae's Sculpted AF Booty In A Retro Swimsuit Is Just Straight 🔥

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Photo credit: Addison Rae - Instagram
Photo credit: Addison Rae - Instagram
  • Addison Rae put her strong booty and long, toned legs on full display while wearing a red one-piece in new Instagram photos from her Italian vacation.

  • The 21-year-old actress likes staying active by doing Pilates and yoga classes, in addition to her iconic dance routines.

  • Addison also shared her six-minute butt workout, which includes fire hydrants and donkey kicks.

Addison Rae is living my dream vacation IRL on her Italian beach trip. In a new Instagram post, Addison was roaming the beautiful coast, flaunting her epic booty and mega-sculpted legs in a retro one-piece swimsuit.

"Think of me," Addison captioned the photo dump, and don't worry, Addison, I already can't get these pics out of my mind.

And neither can Addison's followers, apparently. "Not gonna lie, this is a slay," one fan commented. "Thinking," said another. One fan stated the obvious with, "RED IS UR COLOR," while another echoed their excitement saying, "THATS AMOREEEEEE."

The 21-year-old actress was clearly not shy about putting her perky booty on full display as she explored the beautiful beaches. Here's another angle:

Addison's versatile workout routine is both fun and, from the looks of her Instagrams posts, majorly sculpting. Let me break it down for you.

Obviously, Addison loves dancing. "I’ve always been a dancer,” she said on her podcast, That Was Fun? With Addison and Shari. “I’ve danced since I was, I think six or seven, and I grew up competitively dancing and kind of focusing more on that.” No wonder her fame stemmed from her elite dance moves on TikTok.

The celeb has also been spotted leaving Pilates and yoga classes several times this summer in Los Angeles. Both of these workouts are low-impact, great for sculpting your core, and helps improve your stability.

Addison shared her go-to workout for toning her booty with Kourtney Kardashian in 2020 for POOSH. The six-minute video includes fire hydrants, donkey kicks, and fire hydrant extensions. “I’ve done this butt workout so many times,” Addison said in the video. “It literally burns so bad but it’s so good.” Well, it's definitely working!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, Addison! I'm living vicariously through you...

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