Addison Rae faces backlash for posing in religious-themed bikini: ‘Is this not blasphemy?’

Addison Rae has sparked backlash after sharing a photo in a white bikini, with fans claiming that the garment is “disrespectful” of people’s religious beliefs.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the 21-year-old dancer posed in a white bikini, as part of her collaboration with Adidas. The bikini top, which was designed by the clothing brand Praying, also featured the word “Father” printed on one side of it and the word “Son” written on the other.

Although Rae only showed the top half of her swimsuit—which is a part of Praying’s $100 “Holy Trinity Bikini Set”—the retailer’s website shows that the front of the bikini bottom has the words “Holy Spirit” written on it.

On Twitter, multiple people have criticised Rae for wearing the bikini and called the swimwear “blasphemous”. They also claimed that the TikTok star was making fun of Christianity and being “disrespectful” towards people of different religions.

“The whole thing with Addison Rae and the bikini right now is reminding me how normalised it has become to hate on religions you don’t like,” one wrote. “It is ok to not like something!! But it’s not ok to disrespect the people or the religion. This goes for ALL religions.”

“I wonder what Christians think about Addison Rae’s post,” another wrote. “The underwear says “holy spirit”. Is this not blasphemy?”

A third person added: “I just saw that Addison Rae’s bikini and wtf is wrong with her and adidas, straight up disrespectful.”

However, other Twitter users took no issue with the bikini, defending the actor and sharing their candid thoughts about Christianity.

“I’m sorry there’s just no way u b****es are being serious about being offended by Addison Rae wearing that bikini like grow up or something idk,” one said.

“She doesn’t owe a disrespectful religion respect,” another wrote. “And even then, it’s just a bikini. It’s such a first world problem, don’t y’all have other stuff to worry about.”

The He’s All That star isn’t the first celebrity to purchase this bikini. On Instagram last week, Christina Aguilera shared a video of herself posing in the french version of the swimsuit, which had the words “Père,” “Fils” and “Esprit Saint” printed on it. She also joked, in the caption, that she was having “a religious experience”.