Addison Rae Calls Out Ava Louise for Hitting on Bryce Hall

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Stacey Grant
·3 min read
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Photo credit: @avalouiise/Instagram; @brycehall/Instagram
Photo credit: @avalouiise/Instagram; @brycehall/Instagram

From Seventeen

  • Controversial TikToker Ava Louise openly and repeatedly hits on Bryce Hall.

  • Addison Rae, who is dating Bryce, posts an Instagram of the couple in subtle retaliation.

  • Ava is unbothered and keeps trying to get with Bryce.

Everyone's favorite drama starter, Ava Louise, aka the TikToker who made up that Jeffree Star and Kanye West rumor, is at it again. This time, she's high-key going after Sway Boy Bryce Hall — and she doesn't care if he already has a girlfriend.

Subtlety is clearly not Ava's strong suit, as she shot her shot in the most direct way possible on her Instagram story recently, as captured by TikTokRoom. "I want to have sex with you @brycehall," she wrote. Well, at least she's upfront about what she wants? No games being played here.

At first, fans thought Ava may have been hacked, but they obviously don't watch her TikToks, because this is totally on-brand behavior for her.

Entering the chat is Perez Hilton, of all people, who thought Ava made more sense with Bryce than Addison Rae did. Bryce's mom, Lisa, quickly jumped in and shut that idea down STAT. Tagging Perez, Lisa asked what all of us were thinking: "Why would you say something like that?!?!"

Ava addressed the hacking rumors head-on, shutting them down immediately. She's "not hacked just horny." Mkay.

Then, Ava got super graphic with exactly what she wanted to do with Bryce, being sure to mention she didn't care Addison was already dating him. 😳😳😳

Then, in true Ava fashion, she mentioned her OnlyFans account and set Bryce up with a free trial, assuming he's even into that. GIRL. You're at a 10 right now; I need you at a 2.

After Ava's posts made the rounds, Addison stepped in and reminded everyone who Bryce's girlfriend really was. She captioned it, "Mine." Bryce commented on the pic with, "Ma baby foreva."

Like, Braddison has been through SO much over the past year. Does Ava really think she can just step in and ruin it? Apparently, she does. Ava replied to Addison's "mine" comment by asking Addison to share Bryce with her, and that Ava is attracted to Addison, too.

Ava even MESSAGED BRYCE'S MOM, ASKING FOR HER SON. "I think it’s a fair trade wbu," she captioned the TikTok. No, ma'am. No, I do not.

By this point, fans are getting fed up with Ava's constant badgering of Braddison. Fellow TikToker Isaak Presley even commented on TikTokRoom's pic of Ava's message to Addison as "actual harassment."

Meanwhile, Ava seems unbothered by the negative attention her posts have received.

Ava later claimed Sway House wanted to meet up with her, though we know she has a penchant for lying, so who even knows if this is true. Ava posted this TikTok in response to someone saying she'd never end up with Bryce. "Reply to @gracemock no I’m getting them ALL," Ava captioned.

So, fingers crossed Ava is now done with her quest to get with Bryce. Braddison seems to be doing really well, so maybe leave them alone and let them live in peace already?

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