Add Some Savory Goodness To Your Puff Pastry Treats With Everything Bagel Seasoning

Puff pastry with everything bagel seasoning
Puff pastry with everything bagel seasoning - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

While pinpointing its exact conception is rather nebulous, everything bagel seasoning rose to popularity in the 1980s when David Gussin from Long Island began to sell bagels garnished with a combination of all of the toppings. Fast-forward, and this seasoning blend fills store shelves in the form of snack bars, popcorn cakes, and beef jerky. Even Pringles brought out a limited-edition Everything Bagel flavor! With these applications, you may ask, "Is there anything this seasoning can't do?" Well, when it comes to topping your puff pastries, there's no debate — it's another perfect match.

Everything bagel seasoning is gloriously flavored with tangy dried onion, flaky garlic pieces, white and black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and crunchy rock salt. Formed of nutty, salty, and crunchy aromas, these savory characteristics are all you need to up the presentation and taste profile of a gloriously flaky puff pastry treat. For instance, simple puff pastry pockets filled with cream cheese would be elevated by a light sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning. The seedy mix's crunch wonderfully contrasts the flaky pastry and creamy cheese while also introducing an extra layer of savory deliciousness. Puff pastry and everything bagel seasoning are an extremely versatile duo — the possibilities are almost endless.

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Not Just For Bagels!

Cheese and asparagus pastries
Cheese and asparagus pastries - Esin Deniz/Shutterstock

To best illustrate how flexible this seasoning and puff pastry pairing is, let's look at some typical savory bakes that would glorious rise with this combination. Puff pastry cheese straws bursting with the delicious flavor of sharp cheddar and earthy rosemary would benefit from the addition of everything bagel seasoning. The taste of garlic and onion complements and accentuates the savoriness of the cheese and herbs, while the seeds break up the monotonous yellow hue of the pastry and cheese. The seasoning also simultaneously highlights the crunchy nature of the straws.

Beyond cheesy pastries, everything bagel seasoning would also work with breakfast puff pastries filled with bacon and eggs, lunch-inspired pastries filled with ham, or puffy pigs in blankets if you're serving for a crowd. Alongside meat, everything bagel seasoning would also complement fish and seafood. While these applications of everything bagel seasoning seem to only be limited by your imagination, you should note that the best way to apply the seasoning is over the top of egg-washed pastry. It's a double win as your pastry adopts a glorious shine, and the seasoning remains stuck to the pastry's surface.

Everything Bagel Seasoning, Everywhere, All At Once

Cheesy puff pastry tart with pepper jam
Cheesy puff pastry tart with pepper jam - easygayoven/ TikTok

From salted caramel to vibrant fruit like strawberries gracing green salads, the marriage of sweet and salty flavors opens up a wide array of delectable experiences for the palate. Everything bagel seasoning may add savory goodness, but that does not limit it to only savory puff pastries. For instance, one may whip the seasoning through cream cheese and heavy cream and then pipe it onto small, flaky puff pastry tarts. It will be slightly sweet, mildly tangy, deliciously soft, and marvelously creamy.

TikTok is also full of fabulous sweet-salty inspiration, as user Easygayoven charmingly demonstrates:

They begin with a puff pastry base bordered with everything bagel seasoning. This is then layered with whipped goat cheese cream that's then topped with sweet red pepper jam. This sizable tart lands between a sweet and savory delight, showcasing the incredible versatility of everything bagel seasoning with puff pastry. So, grab the seasoning, because it's time to light those puff pastry treats on fire (metaphorically). Whether you're a fan of the sweet or lean more towards the savory, it's sure to deliver on taste, appearance, and crunch.

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