Add Riksgransen, Sweden To Your Snowboard Bucket List

Ah, Riksgransen, Sweden, where snowboarding dreams come true. It's the perfect spring haven for shredders seeking a late season dose of vitamin D. With low temperatures and a mind-boggling 20-plus hours of sunlight each day, thanks to its cozy proximity to the Arctic, this place is a pro rider's paradise to wrap up the season.

Craig Kelly and Ingemar Backman were the pioneers who recognized Riksgransen's potential and put it on the snowboarding map. But let's not forget the current riders who continue to conquer its snowy slopes, like Ruben Rosenfors, who still rips it up today.

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Here, snowboarding becomes an exquisite dance between the freezing cold and the blinding sunshine. It's a unique experience that can only be described as a brain freeze meets sunburn extravaganza. You'll find riders performing gravity-defying tricks while squinting through their sunglasses, all in the name of adrenaline and vitamin deficiency!

So, if you're a snowboarding aficionado or just someone looking for an unconventional tan, make your way to Riksgransen. It's where the ice and sun collide, creating a haven for snowboarders seeking the ultimate adventure. Trust me, you won't find another place quite like it. Let the epic ride begin!

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