There Are Actually A *Ton* Of Ways To Watch 'Elf' This Season

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Where To Watch 'Elf' This Holiday SeasonAsda

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It's already mid-November, which means just about everyone feels ready to dive headfirst into the holiday season. Of course, it’s practically a requirement to bake cookies and cuddle up on the couch with a blanket to watch your favorite holiday movies.

Elf is on the must-watch list, and has been for about two decades now. So, whether you're trying to brush up on your favorite quotes or just laugh at Will Ferrell completely crushing it as the maple syrup-loving Buddy the Elf, it's time to add it to your movie queue.

So…how can you get your Elf on ASAP, if not sooner? Here’s a breakdown of how you can check out this holiday-favorite movie, whether you plan to stream it or watch it on cable.

What streaming services is Elf available on?

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As of this second, Elf is streaming on Max. However, it’s going to be offered on Hulu, starting November 23, if you can wait a little while longer. A Max subscription will run you $9.99 per month.

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Where can I rent or buy it?

You actually have a few options to see Elf if you’re willing to pony up a little cash. You can buy or rent the movie on Prime Video, and also on streamers like:

All of these streamers charge $3.99 for an Elf rental and $14.99 to purchase the movie.

FWIW: Some movie theaters will also be playing this cult classic during the holiday season. (You can check Fandango for your local schedule.)

How can I watch Elf for free?

That’s a little trickier. While Max offers some shows for free online, it’s unlikely to do that with a massive movie like Elf (sorry). That said, Hulu does offer a free one-month trial (after that, you’ll have to pay $17.99 a month if you want to continue it).

Is Elf on cable?

Yup! Elf will be airing on your regular cable network, too. The movie will have slots on TBS and TNT in November, according to TV Insider, and on AMC in December. Here’s what’s ahead for the next few days:

  • Sunday, Nov. 19, 5 p.m. (TBS)

  • Sunday, Nov. 19, 10 p.m. (TBS)

  • Thursday, Nov.23, 7 p.m. (TNT)

  • Friday, Nov. 24, 3:30 p.m. (TNT)

  • Friday, Nov. 24, 8 p.m. (TBS)

Happy viewing!

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