If I Actually Knew How to Braid, I'd Definitely Try One of These Fulani Braid Hairstyles

No, I'm not here to talk about how much I wish I was better at braiding my hair. I am, however, here to talk to you about Fulani braids, a style that I've very recently added to my internal list of braided hairstyles I need to try. It's the same look Rihanna recently wore on the red carpet when she attended the British Fashion Awards in December, and though we never put it past her to set or popularize a trend, it's been around for ages.

Fulani braids were originated by the Fulani people, a Muslim community in the Sahel zone and West Africa, and the style normally consists of cornrows that are braided into a specific pattern. There's no one way to wear them; most of the time when you see someone with Fulani braids, the pattern will consist of one cornrow going down the middle of the scalp, with other braids surrounding it on either side, though in Rihanna's case, her hairstylist chose to recreate the style by braiding her hair in alternating directions on both sides of her head.

Read ahead to see a few more of our favorite takes on Fulani braids.