Actress Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About Her Deep Connection With Pit Bulls

IMAGO / NurPhoto
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Tons of celebrities have pets, but we don't see them too often since their schedules are jam-packed. That's why we love social media because it can give fans a glimpse into their lives behind the scenes, which of course, includes their fur babies. And if we're lucky, they might open up about their pets during interviews.

That's what we see with this UNILAD interview with actress Millie Bobby Brown. The British media company posted different segments of the interview to TikTok account @unilad. The part that caught our attention is when the Stranger Things star opened up about her connected with Pit Bulls. Take a look!

Aww! You can just see the passion pouring out of her as she talks about Pit Bulls. The actress said she fosters dogs with a lot of those fosters being Pit Bulls. She goes on to say she has a deep love and connection to the dog breed, which is breath of fresh air since plenty of people won't even give Pit Bulls the time of day.

It's unfortunate but Pit Bulls are controversial. One of the reasons as to why is because Pit Bulls are responsible for higher fatalities than other dog breeds, based on dog bite statistic in the United States and other countries. Pit Bulls are responsible for about 70% of dog bites that require medical attention. And yet, Pit Bulls are still ranked as one of the least aggressive out of the 35 most common dog breeds.

Millie Bobby Brown brings up an excellent point that Pit Bulls deserve a second chance. One of the reasons as to why Pit Bulls get a bad rap is because of bad owners. She even says that humans are to blame. We hope more people will look at Pit Bulls with love and compassion like she does because they don't deserve the judgement!

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