Actress Kat McNamara Dished Her Celeb Crushes, Including Ryan Gosling and a Disney Cartoon Character

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

Let’s be real, y’all. Growing up, we alllll had that *one* crush on a certain famous someone. It could’ve been a big-time actor, pop star, or, for some…a cartoon character! Actress Kat McNamara spilled the tea on who she had the hots for when she was younger, and wow, did she catch us by surprise!!

Me being a basic-ass teenage girl back in the day, the first LOML was Justin Bieber. I KNOW you guys can relate. For Kat, she was out here swooning over actor Fred Astaire from the movie Shall We Dance. To each their own, I guess! (Buuut she also threw in Ryan Gosling in there and, like, #same.)

We all can also remember that specific movie or show that really opened our eyes and made us realize that sexy people ~exist~. Kat’s moment was when she first watched Princess Bride. For her, it was the fact that there was a prince who was kind of a bad boy but also sweet at the same time and always chased after the woman he wanted. And she couldn’t forget Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Ugh, great choices, Kat.

If you’re curious to find out which cartoon character she had a crush on, what music video she found super hot (we promise you’ll never guess), and which actors she has liked and ended up working with, make sure you watch the rest of the video for all the juicy deets!

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