Actor Jana Kramer Dragged Married Man Justin Timberlake for Holding Hands With His Costar Alisha Wainwright

Shannon Barbour

From Cosmopolitan

  • One Tree Hill actress Jana Kramer commented on Justin Timberlake holding hands with his costar Alisha Wainwright.

  • Justin is married to Jessica Biel and they have a 4-year-old son together.

Coming at you live with another update about Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright's hand-holding scandal. For anyone who hasn't been extremely invested in Justin's love life ever since he and Britney Spears were together, just know he is fully a married man with a wife (Jessica Biel) and son. Despite that little fact, Justin was seen holding his costar's hand during a night out in New Orleans last week. (Pics right this way.) And now, One Tree Hill actress and singer Jana Kramer gave her two cents.

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You're probably wondering why Jana even joined this conversation since she doesn't appear to be directly connected to them in any way, but it's mostly just because she has her own podcast. On Sunday's episode of Whine Down, Jana told her husband and her cohost, "It's just wrong. It’s just because again, you’re putting yourself in a bad situation of basically like, hey, you’re inviting the next step if there’s a next step.” Talking directly to her husband, she straight-up said, "I would slaughter you if your hands were on someone else.” Note to the whole world: Do not cross Jana!

Her husband's take was the exact opposite: “Just seeing how drunk he was, who knows what was being said. Who knows the story. All I’m saying is that there’s a little bit of a room somewhere in there for that.”

Well, regardless of what Jana and her husband think, sources say there is nothing going on between Alisha and Justin. According to an Us Weekly source, "Nothing remotely romantic is going on with Justin and Alisha. The whole cast is shooting out there and like to hang out together. They were very much in public and nothing inappropriate was happening.”

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