Activists slam ‘insulting and triggering’ billboard in Times Square

Body acceptance advocates are slamming a billboard in Times Square for body-shaming. The billboard in question reads, "Feeling fat and lazy?" printed above an image of a woman in workout gear holding her head in her hands in defeat. Critics have blasted the 50-foot sign, saying it's a blatant example of fatphobia. One of those critics is influencer Matthew Anchel, who told the New York Post that the sign "really pissed me off". Anchel said he has filed a complaint with the Times Square Alliance (TSA) and called for the billboard to be taken down ... . ... but added that the organization has not yet responded to him. "I am a fat person who believes in fat liberation and can confidently say that fat is not a feeling," he told the Post. Comments flooded onto Anchel's Instagram post about the billboard, . a lot of them in total disbelief that someone in this day and age would think it was acceptable to pay a reported $13,000 to spread such a message