Acrobatic dog will jump onto any surface, no matter how high

Meet Mako, the adorable dog who jumps like a cat!

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  • The power of the September issue and all the Sept. 2020 issues out now

    The September issue of a magazine is so important, there’s an entire documentary about it. Especially over the past few months in particular, with a global health crisis and civil unrest for Black and brown communities in the fight for Black Lives Matter (the movement and the moment), the industry has had to question what’s important and what’s pure fluff. Whether it was the high-intense editorial shoots, the lavish budgets spent on talent (and your cover star, undoubtedly), the trend forecasts we would see for the following year or the return to life after summer getaways, a September issue can feel like it’s more than just the superfluous and mundane.

  • Danish treetop hotel is the perfect eco-friendly getaway

    Architect Sigurd Larsen designed the three available lodgings. “The access to the roof terrace gives the impression that you continue to ‘climb’ the tree to reach the canopy,” the design studio told dezeen. “In all directions, scenic views of the forest are framed by panoramic windows”.

  • Cake decorator makes desserts with a special twist

    Afriani's most masterful works are her spinning carousel cakes. The baker's custom orders typically take five to eight hours to complete and these confectionary goliaths are no exception. Afriani created one with a Snow White theme for a girl's second birthday in August.

  • TikTok’s ‘lawyer mom’ shares powerful advice for students dealing with police on campus

    A lawyer on TikTok is going viral with her powerful set of lessons for college students. Lawyer Mom, who’s real first name is Susu, begins her video by reminding students to always stay “calm, cool and collected,” when they encounter an officer. The video was widely praised on TikTok, with commenters applauding her ability to simplify complex and possibly frightening legal situations.