The Absolute Best Beer To Pair With Ramen

Ramen bowl of soup and beer glass
Ramen bowl of soup and beer glass - Laura Ioana V/Shutterstock

Ramen is a delicious and versatile dish that can be enjoyed with various beverages. The soup's savory broth, luscious noodles, and an array of toppings make it a delightful and satisfying meal. However, when considering the perfect beer to pair with it, there are a few things to remember.

If you're having a rich and fatty ramen broth, such as tonkatsu or miso, you'll want to pair it with a beer that can cut through the richness and complement the flavors of the broth like Sapporo Light. If you're having a lighter ramen broth, such as shio or shoyu, you can pair it with a wider variety of beers. A malty amber ale or a fruity pale ale would both work well. You could even try a session IPA, as long as it's not too hoppy.

If you're indulging in a bowl of ramen with a lighter and spicier broth, a wheat beer, like a Hefeweizen, can be a fantastic choice. Its fruity and slightly clove-like notes add a delightful contrast to the dish's spiciness and complement the overall flavor profile. For those who prefer something unconventional, a sour beer can be an intriguing match for ramen. The tartness and acidity of a sour beer can provide a unique contrast to the umami and saltiness of the broth.

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Spiciness Level And Ingredients Are Also Key Factors

woman eating bowl of ramen
woman eating bowl of ramen - leungchopan/Shutterstock

With plenty of ramen restaurants to choose from, there are a few additional tips for pairing with your next bowl that you should keep in mind — like how spicy it is. If the ramen has a lot of heat, you'll want to choose a beer with a slightly sweeter flavor to help balance out its spiciness. It's also important to consider the toppings on the ramen. If the noodle soup has a lot of fatty toppings, such as pork belly, you'll want to choose a beer that can cut through the richness.

If you need help deciding what specific drink to choose or the process is overwhelming, ask your chef or bartender for recommendations. They'll be able to help you find the perfect beer to pair with your meal. Ultimately, whether you opt for a crisp pale lager, a refreshing pilsner, a fruity wheat beer, or a unique sour beer, the key is to find a balance that enhances the dish's flavors without overpowering them.

So, the next time you're savoring a bowl of ramen, consider these beer styles to make your meal even more enjoyable. Cheers to the delightful union of beer and ramen.

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